Preschool Hip Hop Dance Teacher Membership


The Preschool Hip Hop Dance Teacher Membership is perfect for the preschool hip hop and breakdancing teacher! The Dance to Learn® Preschool Hip Hop Program is designed for children ages 4-7. Our Preschool Hip Hop Curriculum is focused on teaching hip hop technique and terminology with creative, educational and fun lesson plans and activities! Preschool Hip Hop classes are designed with the whole child in mind. Lesson Plans follow a monthly theme with lesson plans focused on a weekly dance concept. Dancers will learn 14 dance concepts over a 12 month period including:
- Space
- Tempo
- Sizes
- Levels
- Pathways
- Directions
- Anatomy
- Body Shapes
- Positions
- Relationships
- Weight
- Energy
- Sequences
- Patterns

Preschool Hip Hop Lesson Plans are recommended for Children ages 4-7.
The Preschool Hip Hop Membership provides preschool hip hop and breakdance teachers with access to our full library of Preschool Hip Hop Lesson Plans. New lesson plans are added frequently so your library of content is always growing. In addition to the lesson plans, creative dance members also receive our full library of digital downloads.

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