Arctic Blast! - Body Shapes

A Creative Dance Lesson Plan

Arctic Animal - Body Shapes! In this Creative Dance lesson plan, dancers will learn the body shapes: Straight, Curvy, Angular and Twisted with the help of some friendly penguins, reindeer, polar bears and a narwhal! Recommended for ages 3-5.
This Lesson Plan includes:

Teacher's Guide
Prop List
Music List
4 Animal Print Outs showcasing the body shapes: Straight, Curvy, Angular and Twisted
11 Demonstration Videos

Course curriculum

    1. Teacher's Guide

    2. Prop List

    3. Music List

    4. Visual Aid

    5. Arctic Animal Body Shapes - Coloring Pages

    1. Arctic Blast BrainDance

    2. Arctic Blast - BrainDance Warm Up

    1. Penguin Pliés

    2. Polar Bear Port de Bras

    3. Reindeer Pas de Cheval

    4. Narwhal Twist

    5. Teacher's Guide

    1. Penguin Walks

    2. Polar Bear Marches

    3. Reindeer Gallops

    4. Narwhal Chassés

    5. Teacher's Guide

    1. Setting up your Obstacle Course

    2. Arctic Blast Obstacle Course

    3. Teacher's Guide

    1. Social Distancing and Virtual Alternatives

About this course

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  • 24 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content