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Arctic Blast! Arctic Animals: Body Shapes

The Arctic Blast: Animal Shapes Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Lesson Plan is a Conceptualized-Thematic Lesson Plan. The Lesson Plan serves as a foundational exploration of developmental dance movements through the lens of Arctic wildlife. In this engaging lesson, young dancers will discover how the body shapes of Arctic animals can translate into movement, fostering a deeper understanding of the dance concept: Body Shapes.

  • Straight like a Penguin: Young dancers will begin by mimicking the precise and elegant straight posture of a penguin through technical explorations of movements such as Toe Points, Tip Toe Walks and Side Gallops. These exercises emphasizes the importance of maintaining proper alignment and body control as they lay the groundwork for their dance journey.
  • Curvy like a Polar Bear: Emulating the graceful curves of a polar bear, students will explore Cat Cow Stretches, Downward Dog, and Bear Crawls. These movements improve flexibility, develop our vestibular system and strengthens cross lateral coordination.
  • Angular like a Reindeer: Like the regal reindeer with its majestic antlers, students will delve into angular movements such as coupé, passé, and marches that demand precision and poise. This segment of the lesson will enhance their understanding of how to incorporate sharp and deliberate motions into their dance repertoire while improving their static balance.
  • Twisted like a Narwhal: The final part of the lesson will transport young dancers to the depths of the Arctic Ocean, where they will learn to create intricate twists and turns inspired by the narwhal's distinctive tusk. This exercise focuses on controlled spinning and twisting movements such as twirls on two and one foot. Twirling and spinning strengthens our dancers' vestibular system.
This Lesson Plan Includes:
  • Printable Teacher's Guide
  • Lesson Plan Summary
  • Arctic Animal Body Shapes (Visual Aid)
  • Embedded Apple & Spotify Playlists
  • Shoppable Prop List
  • Video Demonstrations of each Exercise
  • Arctic Blast! Movement Cards
  • Arctic Animal: Body Shapes Coloring Pages

Course curriculum

    1. Lesson Plan Terms of Use

    2. Assumption of Risk & Waiver of Liability

    3. Copyright & Single Use Agreement

    1. Teacher's Guide

    2. Prop List

    3. Music List

    4. Visual Aid

    5. Arctic Animal Body Shapes - Coloring Pages

    1. Arctic Blast BrainDance

    2. Arctic Blast - BrainDance Warm Up

    1. Penguin Pliés

    2. Polar Bear Port de Bras

    3. Reindeer Pas de Cheval

    4. Narwhal Twist

    5. Teacher's Guide

    1. Penguin Walks

    2. Polar Bear Marches

    3. Reindeer Gallops

    4. Narwhal Chassés

    5. Teacher's Guide

    1. Setting up your Obstacle Course

    2. Arctic Blast Obstacle Course

    3. Teacher's Guide

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