Conversation Hearts

A Creative Dance Lesson Plan

In this Creative Dance Lesson Plan, dancers will learn about the Dance Concept of Relationships and how to dance with a partner using conversation hearts. Hearts say cute phrases like "Face a Friend and Chassé" or "Skip Side by Side". Ages 3-5

Course curriculum

    1. Conversation Hearts - Relationships

    1. Breath and Tactile Exercise: Growing a Friendship Garden

    2. Friendship BrainDance

    1. Standing Warm Up Options

    2. Heart 1: Plié Sauté facing your Partner

    3. Heart 2: Face each other and Balance in Arabesque

    4. Heart 3: Tendu Passé standing Side-by-Side

    5. Heart 4. Tendu Passé Back to Back

    6. Heart 5: Piqué Devant Back to Back

    7. Heart 6: Plié Relevé in a Circle as a Class

    8. Heart 7: Chassé in a Circle as a Class

    1. Developing Skills 1: Chassé Facing a Partner

    2. Developing Skills 2: Grand Battements Side-by-Side

    1. Teddy Bear Picnic Explanation

    2. Setting up the Teddy Bear's Picnic

    3. Live in Action Class

About this course

  • $50.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content