"My First Ballet Class with Florrie Flamingo"

Book & Lesson Plan

The Objective of the Lesson Plan “My First Ballet Class with Florrie Flamingo”© is welcoming each new student to their first Creative Dance or Pre-Ballet class with the use of fun, kid-friendly characters. This Lesson Plan introduces students to the classroom expectations such as dress code and what students should bring in their dance bags to each class. Dancers will also learn the basic Class structure such as our Learner’s Circle, Center Barre, Across the Floor and Reverence. Students will be able to identify the tools of the classroom such as the barres and mirrors and how and why they are used.

Course curriculum

    1. Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class

    2. Lesson Plan Objective

    3. Lesson Plan Goals

    4. Lesson Plan Skills Learned

    1. Printable Teacher's Guide

    2. Dance Class Road Map

    3. Florrie Flamingo Coloring Pages

    1. Suggested Props

    2. Spotify Playlist

    3. Apple Playlist

    1. Dreaming and Making Cereal (Breath & Head/Tail Stretch)

    2. Getting Dressed for Ballet Class (Upper/Lower Stretch)

    3. Painting Ballet Slippers (Tactile & Pointe and Flex)

    4. Packing our Ballet Bag (Body Side & Cross-Lateral)

    5. Skipping On the Clouds (Upper/Lower & Eye Tracking)

    6. Hello Friends! (Core-Distal Stretch)

    1. Exploring the Concept: Classroom Tools

    2. Exploring the Concept: Turn Out

    1. Center Barre: Pliés

    2. Center Barre: Tendus

    3. Center Barre: Sauté and Échappé

About this course

  • $60.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Lesson Plan Objectives

By the end of this lesson plan, your students should be able to...

  • Demonstrate how to enter the classroom and find a spot to sit on for the Learner’s Circle

  • Identify common clothing items worn to dance class (ie: Leotards, Tights, White or Black T-shirts, Ballet Slippers)

  • Identify items to bring into the classroom each week (ie: Dance Bags, Water Bottles, extra tights, a comfort buddy for anxiety)

  • Identify and name common tools within the classroom and their purpose (ie: Mirrors, barres, props etc)

  • Learn about “Turn Out” in ballet

  • Understand the basic ballet class structure

  • Learn how to thank their instructor for class with a reverence and leave the studio space.

  • Name and Perform beginning ballet movements such as Plié, Tendu, Piqué, Sauté, Échappé, Bourrée, Leap and Reverence

What's Included?

This Lesson Plan Includes the following features:

  • Florrie Flamingo's FIrst Ballet Class (Book Shipped Separately)

    Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class is a Children's Book designed for Ballet Teachers as a fun and Fanciful way to welcome dancers to their first dance class. Join Florrie Flamingo on this new adventure as she joins Bella Bear at her very first ballet class. Florrie meets friends in class who have been dancing ballet for a while, including Swanhilda Swan and Oscar Ostrich.

  • Dance Class Road Map (Digital Download)

    A leading cause of separation anxiety in young children during their first dance class, is being unsure of how long they will be separated from mom/dad. Providing them a visual of where they are in class before they can see mom or dad is a great way to help ease that anxiety. Our Dance Class Road Map Digital Download is included in this lesson plan.

  • Florrie Flamingo Coloring Pages

    This lesson plan also includes the Florrie Flamingo Coloring Pages. These 28 coloring pages include Florrie Flamingo performing ballet movements from A-Z! Some terminology includes Arabesque, Tendu, Plié, Passé and even the Nutcracker! They can be used through out your dance season!

  • Downloadable and Printable Teacher's Guide

    The "My First Ballet Class with Florrie Flamingo" Lesson Plan includes an 8 page teacher's guide that you walks you through the lesson plan. It includes tips on how to set up your classroom for success, how to create a Dancer Greeting and Entering the Classroom Policy and more!

  • Shoppable Prop List

    The "My First Ballet Class with Florrie Flamingo" Lesson Plan includes a Shoppable Prop List that is embedded right inside the lesson plan. We are proud to be Affiliates of Amazon, Oriental Trading Company, Bear Paw Creek, and Lili and River - to provide you with the highest quality props for your dancer's experience.

  • Embedded Playlist

    You can access the "My First Ballet Class with Florrie Flamingo" Lesson Plan from your phone, ipad or computer. The lesson plan includes embedded playlists from Spotify and Apple Music. Each individual video also includes a link to the Song on Amazon Music. This allows you easy access to your playlist during class!

About Jessica

Creative Director/Owner Jessica Strong

Jessica Strong has an extensive career in ballet performance and teaching. Jessica studied extensively and received the bulk of her training at the Academy of Colorado Ballet. There she received exceptional training in the Vaganova method. Jessica was blessed with many performance opportunities at the Academy of Colorado Ballet. Performing with the studio company and appearing in Company productions. Jessica also trained at the Vail Summer Dance Intensive, the ABT summer intensive, and Colorado Ballet’s Summer Intensive Program for 3 summers. After her pre-professional training, Jessica moved on to dance professionally for seven seasons with Ballet Ariel in Denver, CO where she found fulfillment in performing numerous featured roles in both classical and contemporary productions. Jessica still performs, mostly in musical theater productions, at community theaters around the Denver Metro area all while owning and operating her many dance businesses.

For twelve years Jessica has owned and operated Dance Exploration, LLC a non-competitive in-school dance program offered to children as a before and after school program. While operating Dance Exploration, LLC, Jessica created the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum which is a developmentally appropriate, whole-child approach to dance education. The Dance to Learn® Curriculum is home to library of done-for-you lesson plans in multiple dance styles for dance teachers to elevate their preschool dance classes.

Jessica has always wanted to have a kid-friendly character accompany her classes to make learning ballet and the terminology more engaging and fun. She wrote her first children's book "Florrie's Frozen Adventure" in 2017, her second book "Florrie Flamingo's ABC's of Dance in 2017, and her most recent book "Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class" in 2018. All of her children's books have earned a spot on the Amazon Top 100 List for Children's Dance books!