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Growing a Friendship Garden

A Creative Dance Lesson Plan

In this lesson, dancers will learn about the concept of Sequences as they plant a friendship garden. The lesson includes a braindance warm-up, standing exercises, across the floor skill development, and an obstacle course. Recommended for ages 3-5

Course curriculum

    1. Teacher's Guide

    2. Prop List

    3. Music List

    1. Dance Me a Story™ - Planting Flower Garden .PDF

    2. Audio Recording

    3. Video Demonstration with Audio

    4. Video Demonstration without Audio

    1. Exploring the Concept- Sequencing

    1. Developing Skills #1- Bourrée Walks

    1. Developing Skills #2- Chassés

    1. Setting Up Your Obstacle Course

About this course

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  • 15 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content