Putting on My Tutu (Pre-Ballet) Lesson Plan

A Ballet Dress Code Exploration (For Boys & Girls!)

Included in this Lesson Plan:
- Printable .pdf Teacher's Guide
- Visual Cueing Aids (Boy and Girl Items)
- I Spy Mystery Dance Game (For Boys and Girls)
- Prop List
- Music List (Amazon & Spotify Playlist)
- BrainDance Warm Up
- Exploring the Concept
- 3 Developing Skills Activities
- Story Dance Pathway™
- Family Engagement Coloring Page (For Boys and Girls)

Course curriculum

    1. Teacher's Guide

    2. Putting on My Tutu I Spy and Mystery Dance Game (Boys & Girls)

    3. Putting on My Tutu Cueing Images (Girls and Boys)

    4. Prop List

    5. Music List

    1. 1) BrainDance Warm Up: Putting on our Tutu

    1. Introducing the Concept: Putting on our Tutu

    1. Exploring the Concept: Putting on our Tutu

    1. Developing Skills 1: Putting on Tights and Leotard

    2. Developing Skills 2: Putting on Ballet Slippers and Tutu

    3. Developing Skills 3: Putting on Tiara and Balance

    1. Setting Up your Obstacle Course

About this course

  • $50.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content