Under the Sea

A Tap Lesson Plan

Take your dancers on an ocean adventure, with their tap shoes! Rock like a boat, do the stingray shuffle & go fishing too! With tap skill exercises for isolating sounds, using directional movement & rhythmic patterns, this lesson is for ages 3-5.

Course curriculum

    1. Printable Teacher's Guide

    2. Under The Sea ages 3-5, Suggested Lesson Plan Calendar (11 × 8.5 in)

    3. BONUS PAGE Under The Sea Tap Lesson Teacher Guide for ages 3-5 -- a little bit of tap dance magic from dance dance hooray (1)

    1. Baby Shark Warm-Up

    1. Party On The Ocean Floor Repeat & Review Skill Combo

    1. A Sailor Went To Sea Tap Exercise, ages 3-5

    1. Sea Cruise Tap Technique Exercise

    1. Rocking Boats Ballchange Exercise

About this course

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  • 10 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content